Classworks allows users to use their Google Sign-In to log in to Classworks. Using Google OAuth 2.0 . This allows users to share specific data with Classworks while keeping their usernames, passwords, and other information private.

When this integration is enabled, Classworks will add a “Login with Google” button to the Classworks login page. The Classworks Username and Password will continue to be available, but the additional option will appear for users. 

Google Prerequisite Steps

All users in Classworks planning to log in using this integration should have an email populated in their user profile that matches the account information in Google. Classworks bulk enrollment can help modify existing accounts as needed. 

You must be a Google Apps for Education Administrator and a Classworks District Administrator to configure this integration.

Configuration Details

  • Login to Classworks as a District Administrator. 
  • Navigate to Administration | Utilities | Integration Directory. 
  • Click Edit at the Google Integration.
  • Check the box “Enable.”
  • Open a new browser tab and navigate to
  • Click Select a Project, Create a Project.
  • Give your project a Name. We recommend Classworks.
  • Click Create. This may take a few moments for Google to create your project.
  • Once created, click the project you just named to open project details.
  • Click API & Auth.
  • Click Credentials. 
  • Click Add Credentials button, select OAuth 2.0 client Id.
  • Click Configure Consent Screen button.
  • Enter product name as Classworks.
  • Enter project homepage as
  • Enter project logo as
  • Click Save.
  • Select Web Application.
  • From Classworks, copy the Authorized Redirect URL and paste it into the field called Authorized Redirect URL in the project. 
  • Click Create.
  • Copy the Client Id from the project and paste the value into the Client ID field on the Classworks Integration page. 
  • Copy the client secret from the project and paste the value into the Client secret field on the Classworks Integration page.
  • Click Save on the Google Integration page in Classworks.

Verifying Functionality

Once you have completed the configuration log out of Google and navigate to your Classworks login page. Click the Google button and you should now be logged into Classworks using the Google account.

Click here to view a short video on how to access the Classworks Integrations Directory.

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