Classworks uses Scantron’s Performance Series® assessment data to create Individualized Learning Paths for students based on their scores in Mathematics, Reading, and Language Arts. Performance Series is a computer-adaptive test used to identify a student's current performance level in math, reading, and language arts.

By using data from a nationally recognized assessment program, like Scantron Performance Series, to individualize learning in Classworks, you can provide relevant instruction for every student, giving them the exact skills they need at the level they need them. Classworks Administrators turn on the Scantron Assessment data sharing in the Classworks Integration Directory. Once transferred, teachers can automatically have their students’ Scantron data analyzed by Classworks to generate individualized instruction.

Scantron's assessment data will sync into Classworks nightly. The integration of Scantron assessment results into Classworks eliminates the need for an additional assessment for students. Classworks uses the entry point in the performance series skill list that correlates to their scaled score in each domain.

The Classworks skills assigned are based on the skills the student is ready to learn according to the Scantron domain area scaled score and learning objectives.

See the example below.

Test Name: Scantron Performance Series Mathematics

Geometry Scaled Score: 1942

Scantron reports indicate the student scored a 1942 in the area of Geometry. As such, the Classworks aligned units will appear in the student’s learning path based on the Scantron Learning Objectives.

Classworks and Scantron customize every student’s learning experience per learning objective to close gaps and ensure relevant learning for all.

Students immediately engage in Classworks’ research-based instruction matched to their needs. After students receive an updated Individualized Learning Path, their instruction is tailored to them based on the range of their scaled scores. Teachers will be able to customize what is assigned to the students, allowing teachers even more control over their students’ instruction.

Visit this article to learn more about how to refine the student’s individualized learning progression.

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