Note: Only district level managers can create a custom group. School site managers can add and remove users to/from a custom group - but only users that are in their school group.

Create a Custom Group

1. Click your name in the top right then click Manage Classworks.

Click on the Groups sub-tab.

2. Click on the Create Custom Group button.

3. Enter the name of the custom group in the Group Name box. 

Follow steps 4-10 below to add students to the custom group.

4. Click the Add/Remove button.

5. Search for users to add to the custom group.

On the right-hand side of the screen, enter your search criteria and click Search.

Search criteria include: 

  • Search within the user's current school group 

  • Search by user last name 

  • Search by grade level 

  • Search by demographic

6. Select the users for the custom group on the right side by placing a check beside the student(s) name(s), then click Add Users to Group.

7. (Optional) Reset the search as needed by clicking the Reset Search button. Then repeat steps 5-8 above.

8. Once you've added all your students to the group, click Save.

Note: To remove a user from the custom group - Hover your mouse over the user’s name; click on Remove.

Edit Custom Group Details

1. Optional: 

From the Administration page > Groups sub-tab: 

  • Expand the Custom Group section by clicking on the + symbol. 

  • Click on the name of the custom group you wish to edit. 

You can: 

  • Change group name. 

  • Add additional users to a group by clicking the Add/Remove button. 

  • Remove users from a group by clicking the Add/Remove button.

2. Click the Save button if changes were made.

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