Hello, below you will find information on how district administrative users will get Classworks setup for the upcoming school year.

End of Current School Year

District administrative users are contacted via email 30 days prior to the End of Year date to notify them to generate any reports that they would like to run before their database is cleaned out to prepare it for the next year.

Run any necessary reports

This step isn't required, but it is recommended that you run any Classworks usage reports that you might need before the end of year date. You may want to consult your district and/or school implementation plan to see which reports are suggested for you. You can also contact customer support (see below) or your district's Success Partner for more information.

Data Archive

Even though your Classworks usage data will be cleared from your system, you will still have access to a zip folder that contains all of your usage data from the previous school year. You may need this data for internal records or to track usage or growth longitudinally. 

Users with District Administrative permissions can log into Classworks, click the drop-down menu next to their name, and choose Administration. From there, they will select the Data Archive sub-tab and click the Download button. 

This zipped folder contains 5 .csv files that contain all of your summary data from the beginning of the previous year up to the Classworks end of year date. For more information about what is included in these .csv files, please see the article about the Classworks Data Export.

What to expect

After the Classworks End of Year date, all student data and classes will be removed from your Classworks manager. Non-student user data will remain, so teachers, administrators, lab managers, etc… will still be able to log in. Also, all Custom Assessments will still be available but will have to be shared again.

Starting the New Year

After the Classworks End of Year date, District Administrators will receive an email letting them know that they are now able to log in to import their student enrollment files, setup any integrations, add new users, create classes, etc… There will be a checklist that walks you through the tasks necessary for getting setup for the upcoming school year!

Email Checklist

The email that you receive will contain a checklist that lists the steps you will need to complete to successfully start the new year.

Steps include:

- Enroll students for teachers to create their Classes (Required)

- Enroll new teachers into Classworks (Optional)

- Setup necessary integrations for students (Optional)

  • Sign-up and encourage teachers to subscribe to Classworks Ultimate Updates (Recommended)

Additional Support

For additional assistance during this process, please contact Classworks Customer Support:

Use the in-product chat to quickly resolve your question with a Classworks Success Team Member!

(888) 841-4790 Available Monday – Friday from 8am – 5pm (EST)

Or you can email: hello@classworks.com

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