This report allows you to view summary results by school(s) and teacher(s) for a single district custom assessment. By generating the report for each school in the district, you can view school performance compared to the overall district average as well as an item analysis. This report is intended for district and site administrators. 

Note: Only users that are members of the Creator and/or Approver permission groups will have access to view the distractor numbers and the corresponding answer choice via the main Editor page through the user drop-down menu.

Generating the Report

1. Navigate to the Classes tab, place a check beside the appropriate class(es), then click the Create Report button.

2. Select the Report Type: Assessment
Select the Assessment: District Custom
Select the Report: Summary Results

3. Click Next

4. Select the appropriate assessment you wish to report on and click Next.

Note: You can only select one assessment.

5. Name Your Report and select to display the data by school.

6. (Optional) Select the appropriate report options: 

Results by Teacher: Add an additional view of the results listed by teachers. 

Item Analysis: Add an additional view of the item results to assist with analyzing the fidelity of your district items.

7. Select the dates covered by the report. Select a Report Range from the drop down menu or enter a start and end date.

8. Click the Preview button. The report will open in a new window.

What to Look For

As you read the data, notice the following: 

  • How is the school performing on the assessment? If you ran the report for each school, which schools have the highest scores? Which schools have the lowest scores? 

  • How does each school's performance compare to the district average? 

  • View the number of students who answered each question correctly within each school group. Are certain questions performing better than others? 

  • Compare how each teacher is performing in comparison to other teachers within their school. 

  • View how each question is performing on the assessment. What percentage of the students answered each question correctly? Is there one distractor that is being chosen by the majority of the students?


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