This report displays mastery of skills based on the Skills Snapshot assessment results as well as on the resulting Instructional Learning Path (ILP). Teachers are able to view the status for all skills on the assessment for an entire class or individual students. The data can be used to drive instructional planning and flexible grouping in the classroom. 

In this article we will cover:

Generate the Report

1. Navigate to the Classes tab, click on the name of a class that contains the Skills Snapshot assessment(s) you wish to create a report for. And click the Assessment sub-tab in the right corner.

2. Click the + symbol to the left of SKILLS SNAPSHOT, and place a check next to the appropriate Skills Snapshot assessment(s). 


Expand the assessment(s) using the + symbol to select/deselect individual students. Click Create Report.

3. Select the Skills Snapshot Results Report option. Click Next.

4. On the Report Characteristics screen, Select to Summarize by Students and click Preview

Note: While previewing the report, you will have the option to Print the report to a PDF. Once in a PDF format – it can be saved or printed.

What to Look For

As you read the report, notice the following items: 

  • Review how all students performed on a particular skill. Is there a skill where the majority of the students have a status of A (Assigned) or NM (Not Mastered)? If so, you may want to revisit this skill in the classroom. 

  • Use the data to help with grouping in the classroom for small group instruction. Group students that have similar skills deficits. 

  • View which skills the student mastered on the assessment versus which ones were assigned in the ILP. Conference with your students about their data and encourage them to fill up their whole row with “green” by mastering the skills assigned in their ILPs. 

Report Key: 

M – SS = Mastered on the Skills Snapshot Assessment 

M – ILP = Mastered in the Instructional Learning Path (ILP) 

A = Assigned in the Instructional Learning Path (ILP) 

NM = Not mastered in the Instructional Learning Path (ILP) 

S = Marked skipped by teacher


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