View the level(s) of the individualized learning path(s) assigned to students for key strands based on the Universal Screener assessment results. It can be used to help identify and group students performing at the same level.

You have the option of including the Universal Screener Annual Growth report when generating this report. 

In this article we will cover:

Generating the Report

1) Navigate to the Individualized Learning tab.

2) Use the filters to select the students you would like to report on.

3) After applying the filter, place a check next to any student that you would like to include in the report.

Note: You can select all of the students in the filter results by clicking the box above the column.

4) Click Generate Report.

5) Report Type: Assessment
Select: Universal Screener
Select: Universal Screener Results: Individualized Learning

6) Click Next.

7) Name your report and choose how you would like it summarized.

Selected Students: This option shows each level, subject, and key strand while listing all students that have each assigned.

Individual Student: This option shows each level, subject, and key strand while listing one student's information per page.

Note: See examples Below.

8) Choose your Report Options.

Note: (Optional) Select to include the US Annual Growth report. If included, the Annual Growth Report will always display data for all testing windows.

9) Select the Dates Covered by Report. Select a Report Range from the drop-down menu or enter a start and end date.

10) Click Preview.

What to Look For

As you read the report, notice the following items: 

  • View the scaled score the student earned for the key strand(s) in which he/she received Individualized Learning. Did the student place at the low or high end of the range? 
  • Is there a particular key strand in which multiple students scored below the time of year target and therefore were assigned Individualized Learning? Review key foundational skills for that strand. 
  • If students were assigned multiple strands at various levels, use this report to help identify which assignments the student should complete first. This may be the strand they scored the lowest in or the strand that is most applicable to what is currently being taught in the classroom. 

Example: Summarize by Selected Students

Example: Summarize by Individual Student

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