Once your students have completed an assessment that was assigned by a teacher to a class or students, you can view the results on your computer or generate a report with the results. With that information, you can then determine what actions to take.

Note: This page is specific to teacher-assigned assessments, not the Universal Screener or Summative Benchmark.

View Assessment Results (By Class or Specific Student)

To view the custom assessment results for a class or for a specific student, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Classes tab, click on the name of a class that contains the Custom assessment(s) you wish to view results for. And click the Assessment sub-tab in the right corner.

2. Click the + symbol to the left of CUSTOM, and place a check next to the appropriate Custom assessment(s).


Expand the assessment(s) using the + symbol to select/deselect individual students. Click Create Report.

3. In the Report Characteristics window, select the option to summarize by Individual Student, check the box to View Detail and Click Preview.

Sample Report:

Individual Student Results by strand:

What to Look For

On the Assessment Student Result screen (this will vary based on the assessment type): 

  • Compare target proficiency to the student's scaled score. 

  • Note the time the student used to complete the assessment. 

  • View the overall score as well as a breakdown of strand scores. 

Note: The assessment reports allow you to view data in a graphical format and may contain additional information such as the ILP data (depending on the type of assessment).

What Actions to Take:


Score or Time-on-Task is low or the assessment appears randomly answered 

  • Discuss with student 

  • Reassign the assessment if needed 

  • Observe student actions during assessment 

  • Determine if the assessment is on the right level for the student. If not, consider assigning a different assessment. 

Student scores very high on the assessment

  • Check to see if the student received an ILP (if applicable). If not, you may need to assign the student additional work. 

  • Assign a different assessment that is either on a higher level or that assesses different skills. 

Reassign an Assessment

Based on the If/Then chart above, one of the actions you may take if the score or time-on-task is low or the assessment appears randomly answered is to reassign the assessment. 

To reassign the assessment to an individual student, follow the steps in the help article here.

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