This report gives users the ability to effectively visualize and monitor student usage and results in student's Individualized Learning Paths.

Teachers may consider adjusting assignments as the year progresses when more on and above grade level mastery is expected.

Note: This report reflects data for only completed/finished units. To see Real Time Results, at a glance, you can access the Individualized Learning Path tab. The results are immediate, but you must refresh the screen to see them.

In this article we will cover: 

Generating the Report

1. Navigate to the Individualized Learning tab and select your filter criteria to find the student(s) you'd like to run a report for.

2. Place a check next to the student(s) that you would like to generate the report for, OR check the box at the top of this list to select all students. Then click Generate Report.

3. Make sure that Report Type says Instruction and Type says Individualized Learning Results. Click Next.

4. Name your report and choose how you would like it summarized (see samples below).

  • Selected Students: This totals all of the data for all of the students you selected and reports it by grade level.

  • Individual Student: This shows summary data for each individual student, as well as totals.

5. Choose your Report Options (Mathematics or Language Arts) and Select Date Range. Click Preview.

Note: While previewing the report, you have the option to print the report to a PDF. Once the report is in a PDF format – you can save or print the report.

What To Look For

What to look for when viewing the Selected Students Summary Report:

  • What strands are being worked on?

  • How are students doing in the individual strands?

  • How are students performing in their ILP, as a whole?

  • How much time are students working in their ILP?

What to look for when viewing the Individual Students Summary Report:

  • What does the Unit Timeline tell you about a student's work in a strand?

  • How many units have they completed as a part of a strand?

  • What range of levels is the student working on in a strand?

  • How well is the student performing in a strand, as a whole?

  • How much time are students working in each strand?

Example: Summarize by Selected Students

This report is segmented by Grade Level. Depending on the filters you chose, it could include students from a single grade or multiple grades.

Example: Summarize by Individual Student

This reported is segmented by Individual Student. Depending on the filters you chose, it could include multiple pages if you chose several students.

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