When creating a report, you have the option to schedule the report. You would schedule the report when you want the report to be automatically delivered to your email inbox on a regular basis, such as weekly or monthly. 

Note: You would schedule it after you have selected the Report Characteristics. 

In this article we will cover:

Schedule a Report

Reports are scheduled from the Reports Characteristics screen.

Note: You access this screen when you are creating/generating a report

1. Next to Schedule Report, change the 🚫icon to a ✅

2. Name your report and choose your report characteristics. Click Save.

3. Modify your Schedule Details as desired. 

  • Schedule: Set how often the report will be delivered to your inbox.

  • Start: Select the date for the scheduled report to begin.

  • Time: We recommend the report be scheduled overnight.

  • End Date: We recommend entering an end date for the report is scheduled.

4. Select the recipients:

  • Click on the + edit recipients button.

  • Place a check beside each recipient. If the recipient has not verified their email address, you cannot add them to the distribution list until they verify it. Users that have not verified their email address will be indicated by a missing checkbox. 

  • Click the Add Users button then Save!

View Your Scheduled Report

1. Navigate to the Reports tab. Expand the My Reports section by clicking the + symbol.

2. Click the + symbol beside either Instruction or Assessment (depending on the type of report) to locate your report). 

Note: The calendar symbol indicates the report has been scheduled. To view additional details about the report schedule, see the Manage Scheduled Reports section below.

Manage Scheduled Reports

1. Navigate to the Reports tab and click the button Manage Scheduled Reports.

2. Click the scheduled report name you would like to view more information for. 

Once you click on the report name, a report detail screen will populate on the right.

The top of the screen contains the name of the report, type of report, scheduling type, start date, and start time of the report. You can edit the report schedule and/or recipients by clicking on the Edit Schedule button. 

Distribution List: Includes all recipients selected to receive the scheduled report.
Past Report Generation: Displays all dates and times the report was previously generated. 

A ✅means that the report was successfully generated and sent to the recipients selected. 

A red 𝗫 means that an error occurred during the report generation. 

Note: If there is no image next to the report date/time, the report was generated manually, via the Generate button under My Reports

4. Click the View Log button to receive specific report generation details. If the report was not successful, all exceptions that occurred will be listed. 

5. Click the PDF button to view the report that was sent to the recipients.

6. If you would like to remove the schedule for any report(s), put a check next to one or more reports and click the Remove Schedule button. 

Note: Once a report schedule has been removed, the report is still listed under the My Reports section.

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