When creating a report, you have the option to save the report. You would do this if you want to generate the report on a regular basis without having to go through the Report Wizard to select your report characteristics each time. Saving a report allows you to save all of the report characteristics such as who you are reporting on, the reporting options and the display by category. Once saved, you can either generate the report, modify it or delete it. 

Note: Once the report is saved, you can also schedule it to be generated and sent to you on a regular basis. 

In this article we will cover:

Save a Report

Reports are saved from the Reports Characteristics screen. (See the resource page for the specific report for directions on how to access this screen). 

Note: You access this screen when you are creating/generating a report.

1. Name the report (after selecting the report characteristics, such as the display by and report options.) Click Save

Locate and Generate Your Saved Report

1. Navigate to the Reports tab and expand the My Reports section by clicking the + symbol. 

2.  Click the + symbol beside Instruction, Assessment, or Other (depending on the type of report) to locate your report. 

Note: The calendar 🗓symbol indicates the report has been scheduled. 

3. Click the Generate button.

Note: You can edit the report characteristics if desired. Just click Edit beside the name of a report (See steps below).

Modify Report Characteristics of a Saved Report

You can change the report characteristics of a previously saved report. 

1. Click the Edit button.

2. Enter your changes on the report characteristics screen. You can change: 

  • Report name 

  • Report options 

  • Dates covered by the report 

  • Display By“ category 

3) Click Save.

Delete a Saved Report

You can delete a previously saved report.

1. To the right of the name of a report, click the Delete button. Finally, click Save.

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