Assessment data can be used to determine the specific instruction needed for each student as well as to gauge student growth and progress within a subject area. The data can be gathered after administering Classworks assessments. This document provides an overview of the purpose and types and information provided through Classworks assessments.

Assessment Options

Note: Assessment options available may vary depending on your school/district's purchase.

Assessment Options Include:

  • Skills Snapshot
  • Universal Screener
  • Summative Benchmark
  • Custom Assessment
  • Progress Monitoring CBM Probes
  • District Custom Assessment

Skills Snapshot

The Skills Snapshot Assessment uses questions from the quick quizzes as a pretest within each unit. If the student correctly answers three questions in a row, the associated instruction (unit) does not become part of his/her ILP. If the student does not show mastery of a skill (determined by missing 3 questions), the instructional unit will automatically be assigned. The quick quiz is automatically given in its entirety at the end of the instructional unit, which can be used as a post-test score.

Universal Screener

The Universal Screener assessment is used to identify readiness for on-grade level instruction. It is typically administered at the beginning of the school year; though it may also be used on an ongoing basis as part of an RtI model. The assessments are composed of Math and Reading/Language Arts and are developed for each grade level, K-10. To identify readiness, they include multiple grade levels to allow sufficient “reach” to identify student weaknesses. This assessment data can also be used to generate Individualized Learning Paths (ILPs) for students.

Click here to view how to enable the Universal Screener.

Summative Benchmark

This assessment measures concept mastery and is usually administered three times during the school year: at the beginning of the school year as a pretest, at mid-year as an interim progress test and at the end of the year as a post-test. The assessment can be used to measure growth throughout the year. The Benchmark Assessment addresses grades K-8 (Language Arts and Math) as well as Geometry I, Algebra I and English I. This assessment data can also be used to generate Individualized Learning Paths (ILPs) for students.

Click here to view how to enable the Summative Benchmark.

Custom Assessment

A Custom Assessment is used to assess knowledge of particular skills, strands and/or standards. It can be administered frequently to measure a small number of specific skills, or it can be used broadly to measure a larger number of skills. It can also be administered as a pre- and post-test to measure learning gains. 

District Custom Assessment

The district custom functionality allows you to add your own multiple choice items into the Classworks manager. This provides the option to build assessments and assess students' knowledge in areas where Classworks doesn't currently provide questions, such as music, art, PE or even after a school assembly. You can also enter your own items to supplement the Classworks FIND assessment items for Math and Language Arts. This assessment does not generate an ILP for the student.

Progress Monitoring (CBM Probes)

The purpose of Progress Monitoring is to measure the overall effectiveness of any intervention. Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM) Probes are used for Tier 3 students and can serve as documentation for referral for special education. These probes have multiple forms equated for the same skills at the same level of difficulty, so they truly measure progress and show retention of gains with successive test administrations.

Assessment Tab Tasks

From the Assessment tab, you can view the assessment details, edit previously created assessments, and preview certain assessments. You can also create assessments from this tab and share them with other teachers in your school. 

Note: You can only assign assessments and see the results from the Classes tab. 

Accessing Assessments

To access the Assessment tab, you must first log into Classworks. Once you’ve logged in: 

  • Click on the Assessment tab. 
  • The Assessment tab will display; notice in the upper right that there is a sub-tab for Assessments, and also a Progress sub-tab (see the Resource center for more information on Progress Monitoring).
  • Three categories of assessments are listed: Created, Preset, and Shared. 
  • Click on the + button to expand the list and see all available assessments in each category. You will only see assessments selected or created by your school district. 

Created Assessments

This is a list of all the custom and/or skills snapshot assessments that you have created and saved. When you first start using Classworks, this folder will be empty until you have created and saved an assessment. 

Preset Assessments

This is a list of all the assessments that your school district purchased for use at your school or any assessments that have been shared district-wide. They can be any of the previously mentioned assessments.

Shared Assessments

This is a list of the assessments created by someone in your school or school district which they are sharing with you. They could be either custom or skills snapshot assessments.

Individualized Learning Paths

Most of the assessments have the ability to generate an ILP for each student. There are two types of ILPs: 

  • Generated from external test data. 
  • Generated from Classworks assessment results. 
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