This article describes how Classworks can be utilized on the tablet for both student and teacher integration.

Student Integration

Currently, students are able to access the following activities on their tablets: 

  • Algebra Practice 

  • Advanced Vocabulary 

  • Integrated Reading Activities 

  • Classworks Applied Mathematics 

  • Science (gr. 3-5) 

  • Some Mini Lessons & Quick Quizzes (Search for Activities – Tablet Friendly) 

Having an alternative way for students to take Classworks FIND assessments without having to take up valuable computer time, and can leave computers open for students to work on instructional content. This includes: 

  • Universal Screener 

  • Summative Benchmark 

  • Custom Assessment 

  • District Custom Assessment 

  • Progress Monitoring CBM Probes 

  • Skills Snapshots 

With the College & Career Readiness Standards, students will be required to apply their knowledge through performance tasks while using technology. In addition, the mathematical practices describe varieties of expertise that mathematics educators will need to develop in their students. A portion of the Classworks projects that reinforce the mathematical practices and ELA skills combine popular apps for use with tablets, which give students an opportunity to extend their learning in new ways. This is a critical way to support the classroom teacher.

Teacher Integration

Monitoring Student Work:
Teachers can monitor student scores, conference with students about their work, and make instructional decisions, such as reassigning failed work, all while moving around the classroom or lab setting via their tablet.

Grade Projects:
With students having the ability to complete projects via their tablets, teachers can also grade the projects via tablet by using the College and Career Readiness Rubrics. This helps the teachers meet the documentation requirements of the Common Core showing students are on track to becoming college and career ready through performance-based tasks. 

Record Student Observations:
Being able to perform tasks on a tablet make the teacher' life easier and more efficient. The Student Observation tool gives teachers a fast way to make behavior and academic notes in real time without returning to their desks, which is especially helpful with RtI Tier III students. 

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