All content is Classworks proprietary content, developed based on a scope and sequence created from national and state standards and assessments. Science topics are consistent from grade to grade, though the skill level and complexity increases. This allows the assignment of content at the appropriate level without concern that a student is missing key concepts.

Unit Structure

Classworks Science units are in the same general format as the reading/language arts and math. They consist of a mini-lesson, score-able activities, and a quick quiz. Science units do not include projects.

Mini Lesson

Since science is a more content-based subject, rather than skill-based such as reading and math, the instructional portion of the unit – the mini-lesson – is the most robust portion of the unit. 

  • It follows the same format of Learn, Apply, Review, and the main text and review points all have audio support. 

  • Graphics for the Learn section may include: 

  • Photographs

  • Artist drawings or renderings

  • Animated clips

  • Pop-up text with mouseover

  • The Apply section includes a practice activity of one of the following types: 

  • Matching – text to image, image to image, or text to text

  • Sequencing – putting events in proper order

  • Sorting – putting items into correct categories

  • Labels – attaching the correct name or label to an object or description

  • Multiple Choice – guessing an image from multiple clues

  • The Review screen shows main points from the lesson one at a time.


  • Each unit contains one or two supporting activities. 

  • The score-able activities include a topic that relates to and reinforces the mini-lesson. 

  • Each activity concludes with a brief assessment for students to demonstrate their understanding.

  • Score-able activities do not have audio support.


The quick quiz has multiple questions designed to measure mastery of the concept taught in the mini-lesson.

Exiting a Mini-Lesson or Activity

When a student completes the mini-lesson or an activity in the science content, he/she must exit the appropriate way to ensure the results are recorded.

1) Click the “Done” button located in the top right corner.  

2) Ensure the student sees their score.

3) Click the “Close X” button located in the top-right corner.

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