Classworks gives you the ability to view student work in Applied Mathematics in real time. This gives you insight into student thinking and understanding in order to provide guidance and feedback to the student. Use this article to learn how to access the resources that will support you in planning, implementing, and grading Applied Mathematics.

In this article we will go over:

Access Teacher Resources

We provide resources to support you in planning, implementing, and grading Applied Mathematics.

To access the Teacher Resources:

1. From the Create Tab, click instruction, then click on the arrow to the left of Applied Mathematics and again to the left of the desired grade level.

2. Click on the Name of the Lesson to launch the activity page.

3. Teacher Resources will be available below the activity Start button:

Printable Resources

Classworks gives the teacher the ability to print materials for offline use. This gives the teacher more control on how they want to facilitate their class. 

A. Offline Activities: These allow a teacher to print all 4 levels of problems for students to use in an offline format. 

B. Rubrics: These rubrics give teachers access to grade level CCR Practices that they can use when grading. 

C. Teacher Resource Page: As discussed earlier, these include: Standards of Mathematical Practice, suggested manipulatives, common misconceptions, purpose setting statement, DOK level of each problem, the question stem and correct answer, talking points, and possible responses.

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