iPad devices using iOS 9.1 are unable to select or highlight text in Integrated Reading and Applied Mathematics. Upgrading or downgrading the iOS version will resolve the issue.

What Classworks can do, and what third parties can do

Classworks can help in investigations of issues that involve devices and determine if the implementation is caused by third parties. However, if Classworks decides the issue is caused by the third party device, we cannot change or update the device. 

Device-specific troubleshooting, updates to devices, and confirmation of causes of device-related issues can occur only through the device manufacturer. 

Classworks may direct customers to contact their device vendor for help. Classworks Service and Support is always open to collaborative troubleshooting if a vendor must be engaged.

More Information

Classworks has confirmed that the issue of selecting text occurs on iPad devices that are running iOS 9.1.  We have also confirmed that the issue is resolved by downgrading the iPad device to iOS 9.0. Additionally, the Classworks development team has confirmed that the future iOS 9.2 version will resolve the issue and recommend to update to the latest version when it becomes available from Apple. 

Users of iOS devices can update their devices to the latest version of the iOS software. For more information, go to the Apple iOS website.

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