Classworks activities sometimes don’t respond as expected due to browser or computer errors. When troubleshooting these issues with you, it is important to ensure we are troubleshooting the correct activity.

To expedite troubleshooting and answering questions, Classworks provides the Activity ID information at the bottom of each activity instruction and play screen.

What is an Activity ID?

The Activity ID is a grouping of numbers identifying the publisher, title, and name of the activity.

Why should I provide the Activity ID when troubleshooting with Classworks?

This Activity ID allows Classworks Service and Support to go to the exact activity you are referencing for help.

Should I provide other information besides the Activity ID?

Yes, providing us with the school name, class name, assignment name, unit name, and student name can help troubleshoot scoring issues. Screenshots or a video of the error is great to expedite troubleshooting.

How do I find the Activity ID?

The Activity ID can be found in the student module at the beginning of an assignment (including mini-lesson and quick quizzes):

  •     Login as a student by entering their username and password.

  •     Choose “Begin An Assignment”

  •     Pick a Class

  •     Pick an Assignment and click start

  •     The Activity ID will be displayed underneath the activity window

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