Research has shown that speech recognition tools can also serve a supporting function for students with learning disabilities in the areas of reading and writing. In allowing students to see the words on the screen as the software dictate, students can gain insight into essential elements of phonemic awareness, such as sound-symbol correspondence. This bimodal presentation of text can be especially helpful for students with learning disabilities and is thought to be why speech recognition has been found useful in remediating reading and spelling deficits.

Although no text-to-speech product is 100% accurate, Classworks believes that the assistive technology is a huge benefit to students.

We will continue to improve on the Classworks text-to-speech as the assistive technology continues to develop. 

**If you or your students come across something that doesn’t seem right, please reach out to us to let us know! Due to the nature of this assisted technology, we aren't able to guarantee an immediate fix; however, we will certainly keep track of any errors and submit them to our development team for review.”

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