A student begins working an activity, but the activity freezes and the student is unable to continue.


This issue was found to occur when working on some activities without a sound card present or malfunctioning. Please be sure that you have the latest drivers and that they are correctly installed. Please check your computer that sound is playable from your headphones or speakers.

Important Information for nComputing Customers

Classworks requires audio support for our instruction and assessment products. nComputing recommends that all supported X-series devices to update to the latest version of the nComputing vSpace Software.

vSpace X- release fixes the audio output failure customers may have experienced after continuously using audio for several hours. In addition, Microsoft "audiodg.exe" application could sometimes occupy an excessive amount of memory and require a system restart.

To download the latest version of the nComputing vSpace software, visit the software download section of the nComputing Support Site.

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