After assessment data is available, you have the option to generate Individualized Learning Paths (ILP’s) for students based on their test scores. You may use Classworks Assessments (Summative Benchmark or Universal Screener) or an assessment from one of our 3rd Party assessment integrations.

Note: Imports can vary by state.

Create ILPs (Select)

1) Navigate to the Individualized Learning Tab.

2) Use the filters to narrow down the students you want to view. 

3) Place a checkmark in the box beside any student (or students) that you want to generate an Individualized Learning Path for. 

Note: Students need to have assessment data available before you can generate an ILP for them.

4) After selecting students, in the top-right corner, click Create.

5) Choose the appropriate data and subject.

6) Click the Next button.

Create ILPs (Customize)

1) Determine which domains will result in an Individualized Learning Path (ILP). Options will vary based on the Assessment data type.

  • By clicking the Below, On, and/or Above buttons or utilizing the slider bar (if available for your assessment type), corresponding scores will color code showing you which domains/subjects, based on your selections, will result in an ILP for each student. 
  • If you want all students to receive an ILP at their learning level, but you want to focus on only one or two domains, check the box at the top to select the entire column. 
  • Individual scores can be manually unchecked/checked if you want to refine what each student will receive.  

2) After the decisions are made, click the Next button to go to the Review Screen.

Create ILPs (Review)

1) Click on each student's name to review the learning paths each student will receive.

  • (Optional) Change the Yes to a No (by clicking on it) if you do not want the student to receive one of the learning paths. 

You might receive a message that duplicate ILPs are detected.

  • If the student already has an existing ILP that is assigned or skipped from the same data set, a caution symbol will display to the left of the student's name. 
  • By default, a new learning path will not be generated if one already exists. If you want a new learning path to be generated, change the No to a Yes. 

2) Click the Generate button to schedule the ILPs.The ILPs will generate over the next 24 hrs (the number of ILPs scheduled dictates how long it will take for them to generate).  

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