The Student Roster Report allows you to view/print student login information. 

You also have the option to view/print Student Login Cards.

Report Contents

The Student Roster report includes: 

  • Student first and last name 

  • District ID, state ID, alternate ID, username, password 

  • Grade level 

You can view and print the Student Roster Report from the Classes tab or from the Individualized Learning tab.

Create and Print a Student Roster from the Classes tab

1. Navigate to the Classes tab. and check the box to the left of your class name(s), then click Create Report.

2. To continue, jump down to Report Details.

Create and Print a Student Roster from the Individualized Learning tab

1. Navigate to the Individualized Learning tab and select your filter criteria to find the student(s) you'd like to run a report for.

2. Place a check next to the student(s) that you would like to generate the report for, OR check the box at the top of this list to select all students. Then click Generate Report.

Report Details

1. For Report Type, select Other. The category for Select should say Student Roster automatically. Then click Next.

2. Enter a name for your report. 

3. Under Report Details, Select how you wish to display the list of students.

4. Under Report Options, Uncheck any items you do not want to be displayed on the report. If you'd like to hand out login cards to your students, check the box to Print Student Login Cards. Then click Preview.

Student login cards will list student's Last Name, First Name, Username & Password as well as the URL. These can be printed, cut out, and distributed to students.

5. Scroll through multiple pages (if applicable). 

6. Click the Print button if you wish to generate the report as a PDF which will allow you to print and/or save the report.

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