The Student Screener Summary is a parent report for teachers to share information on how students are doing in each testing window. The report provides an overview of both academic and social screening results. Teachers can share these resources with parents as well so they have a better understanding regarding the Screener in general.

Generate Report

1. Navigate to the Reports tab then click Assessment in the menu options on the left.

2. Scroll to find Student Screener Summary then click create.

3. Select which students you would like to generate this report for using the following filters:

  • School - If you have permissions at multiple schools, select which school you would like to run this report for.

  • Classes - All Classes is automatically selected. Use the dropdown to select your class(es); or,

  • Selected Students - click this to pick specific students for this report.

Under Filter:

  • Custom Groups - All Custom Groups is automatically selected. Use the dropdown to select a specific Custom Group(s); or,

  • Choose Demographics - select specific grade levels, genders, races, and other characteristics of students you would like included in the report. Click Apply.

4. Choose your Report Options:

  • Give your report a name

  • Choose to Summarize By Selected Students

  • Select subject (Mathematics or Reading)

  • Additional options to include the SE Survey Results and Dyslexia Indicators (K-2 only);

  • Testing Windows

5. Review your selections and click create.

6. A preview of your report will appear! Click PDF in the top right to print or save the report, or click the back arrow on the left to return to the settings if changes needed to be made.

What to Look For

As you read the report, notice the following items:

Overall Performance

  • What is the average readiness score for the student (data displayed above the blue target readiness bar)?

  • How does the average score compare to the target readiness based on time of year – fall, winter, spring?

  • What is their suggested support level based on their results?

  • What is their percentile ranking (PR)?

  • The overall score and overall grade-level equivalency (GLE) reflect data for all key strands (domains) assessed.

  • For K - 2 students, is additional testing for dyslexia recommended based on these results?

Domain Performance

  • How did the student perform in each tested domain? What was their overall scaled score for each domain and the grade level equivalency?

Social-Emotional Skills Survey

  • How did the student score for each Social-Emotional Skill Measure?

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