The SE Competency Survey is an assessment instrument that measures the social and emotional competencies of students in grades K-12.

Use this Insights Dashboard to monitor and take action on student strengths and gaps in the CASEL core competencies.

As an administrator, this dashboard has automatically been added to your Insights page. **These reports are not available at the teacher level.

By default, this dashboard will show information for all schools and all grade levels that have completed the SE Survey during the Fall Testing Window. Use the filters at the top to change the testing window (Fall, Winter, or Spring) choose specific schools, or student grade levels. **This dashboard updates every 4 hours.

Interpreting the Dashboard

Students Surveyed: Out of all students, how many students have completed the SE Survey during the selected testing window.

In the following graphs, you will see the total number of students that had an overall average for each SE Skill category. Below are the score ranges for each level:

  • 10-19 - Very Difficult (Red)

  • 20-29 - Difficult (Yellow)

  • 30-39 - Easy (Green)

  • 40 - Very Easy (Blue)

Global Social-Emotional Skills (Global): Out of those students who completed the SE Competency Survey during that window, how many had an overall score of Very Difficult, Difficult, Easy, or Very Easy. Click on any of these to view a list of these students in the Student Details table at the bottom.

Below this, get a further breakdown of how many students averaged as Very Difficult, Difficult, Easy, or Very Easy for each of the 8 categories. You can also click on any part of these graphs to update the Student Details table at the bottom.

Finally, get an overall score overview by School, Grade Level, or any selected Demographics, using the “View by” filter on the left. You can also click on any part of this table to view the list of Students in the Student Detail table at the bottom.

Student Details: After selecting your filters using the above tables, view the list of students that match those selections. View their School, District ID, Name, Grade Level, the date they last completed the survey, and their scores. This table can also be exported as a CSV or Excel file by clicking the 3 dots in the top right of the table.

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