Tracking your students' progress monitoring is easy with the Classworks Progress Monitoring Insights Dashboard. You can quickly identify how many students have been assigned progress monitoring, rate of improvement, and domain proficiency by school, grade level, and demographics!

As an administrator, this dashboard has automatically been added to your Insights page. **These reports are not available at the teacher level.

By default, this dashboard will show information for all schools (if a district administrator; otherwise, it will only show the school in which you are an administrator) and all students that had a progress monitoring session during that time period. Use the filters at the top to change between Language Arts and Math, choose specific schools, demographics, placement levels, rates of improvement, and/or status. **This dashboard updates every 4 hours.

Placement by Rate of Improvement: this graph shows how many students are in each ROI status grouped by placement levels. For example, there are 3 students in the placement level “intervention” whose ROI is still to be determined (TBD).

The following graphs are all interactive! Click on part of each graph to dive deeper into your student’s progress monitoring.

Rate of Improvement by School: See the number of students for each school (if applicable) that are Below Target, On Target, or still TBD.

Progress Monitoring Grade Level Mapping: View how many students for each grade level have been assigned Progress Monitoring and how many are assigned to each PM Level:

Student Count By Progress Monitoring Type: Hover over the pie chart to view how many students are Curriculum Sampling, or have been assigned Skills Based Probes.

Rate of Improvement Count: Hover over the pie chart to view the count of students in each Rate of Improvement Category:

Participation Count: Hover over the pie chart to see the count of students by level of participation (Low, Medium, High, or no participation):

Progress Monitoring Details:

This table is dynamic and will show student information matching any of the selections you’ve chosen in the graphs above. Quickly see student information, current placement levels, the type of progress monitoring assigned, their PM level, Current ROI, Session Status (Assigned or Completed), participation level, and the start/end dates for those sessions.

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