Student surveys are an excellent tool for supporting development of the whole student. Educators want to be aware of the discrete skills that contribute to students’ overall social-emotional development and well-being. Stating that a student has “behavioral issues” or “poor social skills” is the same as saying a student is “bad at Reading”. It doesn’t help inform the problem-solving process required to develop a targeted intervention plan.

The Social-Emotional Survey from Classworks is a student-facing check-in survey for students in grades 4-12 (teachers submit a survey for students in grades PreK-3). It was developed by Washoe County School District through a partnership with The Collaborative for Social-Emotional and Academic Learning (CASEL) and the University of Illinois-Chicago. More information about the assessment and the questions included can be found here.

The Classworks Social-Emotional Survey, available in both English and Spanish, helps you measure and support students' development of these discrete skills. This includes:

  • Self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses

  • Self-awareness of emotions

  • Self-management of emotions

  • Self-management of goals

  • Self-management of school work

  • Relationship skills

  • Social awareness

  • Responsible decision-making

The survey has 40 questions (17 questions for students grades PreK-3), each of which is answered on a 4-point scale. It typically takes students 20-30 minutes to complete the assessment and students can complete five administrations per testing window.

The survey provides a quantitative score or result, which is used to compare individual students or groups of students to each other. The results of these surveys are used to help students develop SMART goals that support their personal and academic development.

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