If a student has completed the Classworks Universal Screener, Classworks will automatically identify the student's suggested tier for Progress Monitoring:

  • Urgent Intervention (below 10 percentile ranking)

  • Intervention (below 25 percentile ranking)

  • On Watch (below 40 percentile ranking)

  • At/Above Grade Level (40 percentile ranking or above)

These suggested tiers are determined based on the student's Percentile Ranking. You can find more regarding this information here.

1. To view your student's suggested tier level for the current testing window (Fall, Winter, or Spring), navigate to the Progress Monitoring page and use the filters to find the student(s) you would like to view.

2. You can then hover over the student's suggested tier icon to view why that student is suggested at that tier:

Note: If a student does not have a current suggested tier, Classworks does not have test data for this student to provide a suggested tier.

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