When students log in, they will see the Goal Tracker in their dashboard. Use the steps below to create a new goal as a student!

1. Click "View Goals"

2. Read or listen to the motivational quote and then click Create New Goal.

3. "What exactly do you want to accomplish?" Students set their goal by writing out what they want to accomplish. Work with students to set specific goals that are attainable in a short timeframe.

4. Next, students select a color for their goal.

5. “How will you know that you met your goal?” Here students consider how they will measure the goal. Students identify a specific outcome that defines success. It could be a certain average of their Classworks scores, or it could be arriving on time every day for a week. OR a student with a behavioral goal might look to get all positive feedback at the end of the week. There are so many options!

6. "How will you meet your goal?" Here we decide what actions or steps are needed to achieve this goal. If the goal is skill-specific, have the student carve out time and a method to practice the skill. Do they need to think through strategies they will use to achieve a behavior goal? If Classworks mastery is a goal, make sure they review their Classworks data on their My Scores page and ask their teacher to reassign skills that fall below mastery. These steps play a critical part in the success of a goal. We all know if we set a goal but don’t have a plan to achieve it, there is much less chance we will succeed.

7. "How confident are you in reaching your goal?" This is where the student reflects on their attitude about their goal. It’s ok for your students to set hard goals and even to be unsure they can achieve them. The confidence level they assign a goal gives you valuable insight as you support your students.

8. "When will you reach this goal?" Finally, set a timeframe for this goal. Students in academic interventions may need shorter goal time frames like 2 weeks. These small celebrations are very motivating.

After goals are set, it’s time to get to work! While goals are open, both teachers and students track progress and chat back and forth using the built-in messaging system.

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