Classworks uses data from aimswebPlus® assessments to create Individualized Learning Paths for students based on their mathematics and language arts scores.

Using data from a nationally recognized assessment program, like aimswebPlus®, to individualize learning in Classworks, you can provide relevant instruction for every student, giving them the exact skills based on the aimswebPlus® measures data. Classworks Administrators turn on the aimswebPlus® Assessment data sharing in the Classworks Integration Directory. Once transferred, Classworks analyzes the students’ aimswebPlus® data to update their individualized learning progression.

The integration of aimswebPlus® assessment results into Classworks eliminates the need for an additional assessment for students. Classworks uses the student’s measure grade level and accuracy percentage for each measure to identify the skills that correlate to their score in each Measure.

You can find the list of all aimswebPlus® Measures that Classworks integrated with here.

See the example below

Test Name: AimsWebPlus Assessment - Mathematics

Measure: CA | Concepts & Applications | Level 3

Measure Score: 50%

In this example, aimswebPlus® Concepts & Applications (CA) Level 3 Measure indicates the student scored a 50% accuracy. With this data, Classworks assigns skill-based units that match the grade level and any aligned skill domains in the student’s individualized learning progression.

Students immediately engage in Classworks’ research-based instruction matched to their needs. Teachers will be able to customize what is assigned to the students, allowing teachers even more, control over their students’ instruction.

Visit this article here to learn more about how to refine the student’s individualized learning progression.

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