Once Individualized Learning Paths have been created for students, users will be able to easily monitor progress and status, as well as view and customize what is a part of their individualized learning. All of this will be done from the Individualized Learning tab.

Monitoring ILPs

Depending on what you are looking for, there are several ways someone may monitor progress and status on ILPs.

In this article we will cover:

Using the Filter

In the Individualized Learning tab you are presented with filters that let you narrow down the students you would like to monitor. As an administrator, you would be able to choose a school and view all of the students that are enrolled. As a teacher, you would only have access to the students enrolled in your particular school. You can apply several filters at once to really narrow down your results.

For more information on these filters, click here.

Monitoring Student Individualized Learning

1. On the Individualized Learning tab, select the filter(s) you would like to use.

2. You will be presented with a list of students that met your filter criteria. You can easily see the last time they logged in, their average on work completed in their ILP for that subject, and Time on Task spent in that subject.

3. You can add additional filter categories to refine further or click the clear filter button to start over with the filters.

Customizing Student Individualized Learning

You are able to view or customize an Individualized Learning Path for a particular student if desired.

1. After navigating to the Individualized Learning tab and applying your filter options, you are presented with a list of students that met your criteria.

2. Next to a student's name, click the view detail button to see what skills are assigned in that ILP.

3. You will see a popup showing you all of the information for that student's ILP, including what recommended skills they've been assigned, their average for each skill, and time on task.

4. To turn off a particular skill simply click the toggle button beside its name. It will slide the bar from the left to the right. **Note: once a skill has been turned off, it will be removed from the Recommended Skills list and will be available in the All Skills list.

5. If a student has been working in their ILP, items may show as completed and averages and time on task may be available. You can click the + symbol next to a skill to view all of the unit components.

6. To re-assign a skill or component(s), click the toggle button to change from grey to blue:

7. To skip a unit or activity for the student, click the toggle to change it from Blue to Grey, indicating that it has been skipped.

8. To add a new skill unit, click All Skills, locate the skill, and click the toggle to change it from Grey to Blue. This skill unit will then be added to the student's learning progression.

9. Once you are done viewing or modifying a student's ILP, you can click X in the top right corner. These changes will save automatically.

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