Dear Parents,

We are using an online program called Classworks to support learning at home and in the classroom this year for English Language Arts, Reading, and Math.

Your students will use Classworks to receive instruction, complete activities, and take assessments online.

We need your help to make sure it is used with fidelity! When students take assessments at home, there are some things parents can do to ensure students are doing their best, most authentic work.

When your child is completing assessments at home:

  1. Have your child complete the test in one sitting, if possible.

  2. It is important your child completes the test on their own, without help from anyone (or the World Wide Web).

  3. If your child doesn’t know an answer they should make their best guess and move to the next question.

What assessments will my child be taking, and what do they measure?

  1. The Classworks Universal Screener is used to determine the specific skill strengths and areas of improvement for your child.

  2. Classworks Progress Monitoring measures how well your child is responding to the interventions they are receiving.

The results of both tests modify the individual learning experience your child encounters when working in Classworks.

These assessments are not scored for a grade in the grade book, and students are not expected to score 100%. We are looking for progress over perfection!

Why is this important?

Classworks uses the data from the tests to give students the exact instruction they need to work on. If they receive help on the test, the instruction assigned may be too difficult, and they will become frustrated. If they rush the test, the instruction may be too easy, and they will become bored. Students are most engaged when working on activities that meet their specific ability levels.

Thank you for your help to make this a meaningful partnership as we support student learning both in the classroom and at home!

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