While working hard on a computer, it’s great to give your eyes and brain a break every so often. Here are some ideas and resources when your child/children are feeling antsy! 

Brain Breaks and Celebrations:

  • Virtual Classroom Time Invite friends of your child’s to have social interactions online. Consider having lunch with a friend or the teacher, introduce the family pet, tell jokes, show and tell, even host a class dance party to celebrate the end of a hardworking week! 

  • Back to the Basics With the weather changing, thankfully!, now we can get outside more. Break out the sidewalk chalk or a ball for catch. Identify birds and plants around your neighborhood. 

  • GoNoodle: Home This site is probably used by your children’s teachers. From step by step dances, to spelling out words, to indoor recess- it will get a lot of energy out.

  • Brain Break Activity Cards These are another option your child’s teacher might use. No need to put them on sticks. There are some activities I know I wouldn’t think of off the top of my head!

  • Virtual Museums, National Parks, and Zoo Tours This is a great time to explore places virtually. It can be smoothing to take a break and slow down to appreciate art and nature. 

  • Free time Your child may just want to rest with all the changes right now! Encourage some quiet time if that’s what your child seems to be needing most. There are meditation guides on GoNoodle too. 

  • Audible for Kids Give the body a rest and listen to the abundance of free audible books for kids. From classics to childhood favorites, this will surely be a nice break in the day.

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