You can add Classworks skill units to a new assignment in a Google Classroom class without leaving the Classworks platform! Students can then practice the assigned skill and turn-in their practice results for grading using Google Classroom. 

In this article, we will go over the following:

Assign a Classworks Skill Unit to Google Classroom

All Classworks skill units can be assigned to Google Classroom using the “Share with Classroom” button on the teacher preview screen of the skill unit. Below are instructions on how to do that!

  1. Click on the Create tab > Instruction, then locate the lesson you wish to assign (Integrated Reading, Applied Mathematics, etc).

  2. Click on the Activity Link.

  3. Click your name in the top right corner, click Share and Embed

  4. Choose the Google Classroom Class you like to share the skill unit 

  5. Select Create Assignment

  6. Add assignment instructions as needed

  7. Select a Due Date

  8. Click Assign

** While other Google actions are available (e.g. Make an Announcement, Make Post, etc.), Assignment type is the only type allowed to return results to Google Classroom. 

Students Submit Results

Once the skill unit has been assigned by the teacher to the Google Classroom as an assignment, the student can complete the assignment and submit the practice results for teacher grading. Below are the steps students will take to do this:

  1. Click the Practice Unit link in the Classroom assignment

  2. Start the Classworks skill unit and complete all the skill unit components 

  3. On the Practice Results page, click the Share to Classroom button in the top right.

  4. Select your Class

  5. Choose the assignment to return the results to that assignment

  6. Click Attach

  7. Click Turn in to submit Practice Results for grading

Grading Student Submissions

Once students have shared their results, the teacher can then grade the assignment! Follow the steps 

  1. Find assignment in Google Classroom and click View Assignment

  2. Select Student to Grade

  3. Click the Attached Practice Results for the student

  4. Once reviewed, submit a grade based on setup values in the assignment 

  5. Return the grade to the student once completed

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