Classworks allows student profiles to include each student’s demographic information. This document explains how to update student demographics information into Classworks in bulk. Uploading in bulk allows users to update or add demographics data without impacting student usernames, ids, and passwords.

**If you are utilizing OneRoster, your system should be sending this information over already. If not, you can reach out to your OneRoster Vendor to set this up.

File Preparation

  1. File(s) must be saved in a .csv format. If you are using a Mac, you will need to save your file in an MS-DOS Comma Separated (.csv) format.

  2. Each Field (required fields listed below) must be its own separate column. 

  3. You may choose to have column headings on your file, but they are not required. If you use our column headings (see chart below), Classworks will auto-match the columns for you. 

Sample Download File

Click here to download a sample .csv file with the correct column headings.

Below are the fields needed to update student profiles. The student DistrictUserID must be the same as that already listed in Classworks. All other fields are optional. 

  • DistrictUserID (required field) - this must match the student district id currently listed in Classworks.

  • Grade - Recognized inputs: 0 or K can be used for Kindergarten, PK or Pre-K for Pre-Kindergarten, or leave blank to use current grade on file.

  • Gender - Recognized inputs: M, F, Male, Female

  • Race - Recognized inputs: Hispanic/Latino, American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, Black or African American, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, White, Two or more races 

  • Hispanic or Latino - For Yes, use Y or 1. For No, use N or 0. Blank fields will default to No.

  • English Language Learner - For Yes, use Y or 1. For No, use N or 0. Blank fields will default to No.

  • Special Education - For Yes, use Y or 1. For No, use N or 0. Blank fields will default to no.

  • Economically Disadvantaged - For Yes, use Y or 1. For No, use N or 0. Blank fields will default to No.

  • Migrant - For Yes, use Y or 1. For No, use N or 0. Blank fields will default to No.

Uploading the Demographics Data File

Note: Only users with District Administrative rights within Classworks can perform the following steps.

1. Click your name in the top right then click Manage Classworks.

2. Select the Import sub-tab. 

3. Click on “+ Create New” link located towards the top right of the window.

4. Select the import type: Demographics Data.

5. Select a File:

Click the Upload File button to select the .csv file that contains the student demographic data for the bulk import. You will see a popup and click on Choose Files. Navigate to wherever you have your files stored. After selecting the file(s), click Send and then click Next.

6. When ready, click Submit to send the file over for import. If you need to make any changes prior, click Close, make changes to your file and start the import process over.

Note: All import processing will be performed during off-peak hours. You will receive a notification via email once the process has been completed and all users have been updated.

Import History

After submitting the file, you can access the details of the import by navigating back to the Administration page > Import sub-tab. 

You will see the following: 

- Import Number 

- Description

- Type 

- Status 

- Complete Date 

Click on the Import Number to view the details of the import. You also have the option to download a copy of the file that was imported.

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