The Classworks assessment gives you a wealth of information about students! From target scores, to skill gaps, these vertically scaled assessments are powerful data points. 

Many educators use these assessment results to place students in the appropriate tiered level of support as part of RTI or MTSS. The charts below indicate the Classworks recommendation for tiered placement based on the students scaled score and grade. 

Simply look at the students scaled score down the Y-axis, and then look across the X-axis to find their grade. If they are blue, Classworks recommends Tier One. Students in yellow are recommended for tier 2 and students in orange, Tier 3. 

There are four charts below, two for the Classworks Universal Screener and two for the Classworks Summative Benchmark. Select the chart that matches the test you are administering. 

Universal Screener Mathematics

Universal Screener Reading

Summative Benchmark Mathematics

Summative Benchmark Language Arts

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