Once an item has been created, you have the ability to view, edit, delete, approve or reject the item.

1) Click the user dropdown menu and select Assessment Item Editor.

Note: a user with District Administrative rights will have to enable district custom assessments and designate other users specifically as a Creator or Approver.

2) Locate the item.

You have the ability to sort the items by clicking on the following headers: 

  • Item Number 
  • Subject • Grade 
  • DOK (Depth of Knowledge) 
  • Created by 
  • Approved By 
  • Modified Date 

You can also filter by using the Item Filter box located on the right side of the screen.

3) Click the item number to open the item page which allows you to view each item in-depth. 

  • You can easily navigate to additional items by using the arrows. 
  • By clicking on History you can see what actions have been taken for each item, who performed the action, and when the action occurred. 
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