Once you get to the Individualized Learning tab you are presented with a filter that lets you narrow down the students you would like to monitor. As an administrator, you would be able to choose a school and view all of the students that are enrolled. As a teacher, you would only have access to the students enrolled in your particular school. You can apply several filters at once to really narrow down your results.


School: Teacher users will have access to students in their school only. Administrative users will have access to all of the schools in the district.

Grade: Search for any grade Pre-K through 12. This reflects the grade the student is enrolled in Classworks as.

Class: Class gives you a list of all of the classes that have been created in Classworks for your selected school.

Custom Group: If you have any custom groups created, they will show up here as a filter option.

Last Name: If searching for a particular student, you can search for them by their last name.

First Name: If searching for a particular student, you can search for them by their first name.

ILP Average: Allows you to filter by students that are above, below, or equal to a particular ILP average. 

ILP Subject: Allows you to select a specific subject, either Language Arts or mathematics.

ILP Status: This allows you to view students in the results that fall in one of 4 different ILP status options: Active, Creating, Finished, and No ILP.

Assessment Results: This Lets you search for students that do or do not have assessment results available.

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