Sometimes you might have a student that moves to your school from a different school within your district. When this happens, the student already has an account setup and just needs to be added to your site so his teachers and administrators can see them. 

This can be done by a Classworks user with Site or District-Level Administrator access.

Removing a student from their previous school and adding them to their new school can be done through the Administration page. 

Note: this will be done automatically if your school or district uses the One Roster integration to roster your students for Classworks.

1. Click the dropdown menu next to your name and select Administration

2. Click the Groups sub-tab. 

It may look like this if you have Site Administrator privileges.

3. Click the + next to the school that you would like the student to be added.

4. Place a check in the box out beside the group for students then click "Add user(s) to selected groups."

5. Enter the last name of the student you want to add to your school in the search box located in the bottom right corner of the window and click Search.

6. You should see the student you want to add. Place a check in the box next to their name and click the button for Add User to Group down below. Don't forget to save! 

Now the student has been added to your school and you will be able to add them to any classes or custom groups!

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