Whether you are using the Classworks Summative Benchmark assessment or the Universal Screener, you are able to use those results to easily create Individualized Learning Paths (ILPs) for your students. The instruction assigned will be specific to each student's needs!

The process will go something like this:
Students login and take an assessment(s), ILPs are created for the students, students login and begin working on their ILPs!

It's important to note that an administrator will have to enable the assessments and set the testing windows before the assessments will show up for students! Click these links for more information about how to enable the Universal Screener or Summative Benchmark.

In this article we will go over:

Students take Assessments

Before ILPs can be created, students will need to take the assessment in one or both subjects (Language Arts and/or Mathematics).

When they login they will see their Student dashboard. Students will click Take A Test.

On the Assessment page, they'll see whatever Classworks Assessment is enabled for them in the current assessment window. They might have one for Reading and one for Mathematics, or they might just have one subject enabled.

Once they complete the assessment, the results will be available and an ILP can be generated!

Create ILPs

Navigate to the Individualized Learning tab and use the filters to find your student or a group of students.

After applying your filters, you will place a check beside your student(s)and click Create ILP.

Next you will choose the assessment data you'd like to use, select the subject you are creating ILPs for, and click Next.

Looking at your students and their scores in each domain, you can use the toggle buttons to select scores that are either below grade level, On/Above grade level, or both. By clicking on the Domain icon you can see the domains that are addressed. After selecting the student/scores you'd like, click Next

On the Review screen, you can click on student's names to see what domains and ranges they will receive ILPs for in that subject. If you don't want a particular student to receive an assignment in a certain domain, you can change the domain to No for that ILP before clicking Generate.

Once you click Generate, Classworks will begin creating the ILP(s) based on your selection. It can take up to 24 hours, but can go much faster based on the number of students you are generating for at once.

Students work on their ILPs

Once ILPs are generated for the student, they can access their ILPs through their Dashboard by clicking Begin an Assignment. The instruction they are working on has been created specifically for them based on their performance on the Classworks assessment that they took!

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