Classworks online Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM) probes help you identify what is or isn't working with a student's Response to Intervention (RtI) plan and make informed, instructional decisions. 

Our automated monitoring lets you focus on teaching while still keeping on top of how each student is progressing. 

The immediate and automatic scoring and reporting allow you to adapt and adjust a student's plan quickly, based on reliable data.

Gain a clear picture of progress and skill retention through their rate of improvement. Assess weekly or select your own testing interval.

How to enroll in the Course

You can find our Smartguide courses by logging into Classworks and selecting Smartguide Training under your name.

Once on the Classworks Smartguide page, scroll down to the All Smartguide Courses section and click on Effective and Efficient Progress Monitoring.

Click the Enroll for Free button to start the Effective and Efficient Progress Monitoring course. You can pause and resume the course anytime.

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