Classworks makes it easy to reassign a CBM Probe to a student if you think they would benefit from another attempt. Maybe the student rushed through it that week or didn't try their best. Whatever the reason, that week's probe can be reassigned.

To reassign a CBM for the current week: 

1. Navigate to the Progress Monitoring page and use the filters to find the student you would like to view.

2. Click on the status button for a student in the subject you'd like to reassign. Statuses can be TBD, Below Target, or On Target.

Note: The student will need to have a checkmark to the right of their status to signify that they took the current week's CBM.

3. Click the triangle to the left of the CBM Assessment Level to expand it to see each week. Then you'll be able to reassign the CBM for the current week.

4. A warning box will appear asking if you are sure you want to remove the existing data for the week so the student can reassess. If you are sure, click the 'Yes' button.

That's it! The next time the student logs in, they will get another attempt on the CBM for that week.

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