Each unit/activity in Classworks can be accessed without having to assign it to students. This is great as this allows teachers to test out activities on their end for troubleshooting with students, as well as supporting Classroom teaching. Below are instructions on how to locate our Practice Unit Launcher (PUL).

1. From the Create tab, click Instruction then click on the Create New button.

2. Select the subject for the content search:

3. Select your grade level

4. You can use the search bar to search for keywords that appear in your state standards

5. By drilling down through the standards and elements, you will find the specific units that tie to the standards that you have chosen.

6. Each unit name is a hyperlink. Click on the unit name to launch the Practice Unit Launcher.

Accessing PUL Links from ILPs

You can also preview activities directly within student ILPs!

1. Navigate to the Individualized Learning tab.

2. Click on the view detail button to the right of a student's name.

3. Each Skill Unit is a hyperlink. Click on the unit name to launch the skill unit and navigate through the activities!

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