Classworks partners with NWEA to provide a custom learning experience for every student per Goal Area. Classworks uses the student Goal Area RIT score to determine exactly which Classworks units the student’s custom experience should include. Classworks calls this custom experience an Individualized Learning Path (ILP).

The method to determine the ILP takes into account the following elements to ensure each student is working on exactly the right thing. 

  1. The student’s Goal Area RIT score is the starting place for everything
  2. That is then matched to the RIT ranges of the Learning Statements (per state test) that accompany the Goal Areas (Reminder: the Learning Statements are the most granular element of an NWEA Goal Area and each Statement has a designated range)
  3. Classworks matches the student’s RIT score to the Learning Statements within the Goal Area that fall within the NWEA ranges of Reinforce (because they have a fairly strong grasp of the concept), Develop (they may have been exposed to the skill but need to learn it at a deeper level) and Introduce (this is what they are ready to learn)
  4. When Classworks is aligning the appropriate units to the Learning Statement, we confirm that the grade of the unit and the normed RIT scores for each grade are appropriate. This further ensures that students receive units that fall within the expected ability for students in the grade associated with that RIT score. See chart.

See the example below. 

Test Name: Growth: Math 6+ GA 2015
Goal Name
: The Real and Complex Number Systems
Learning Statement
: Performs multiple operations with integers
: 227
: 243
Classworks Aligned Units
: Multiplying and Dividing Integers, More Solving Equations with Integers

NWEA reports indicate the student that scores a 235 on the Goal Area of The Real and Complex Number Systems is ready to Develop and be Introduced to the learning expectations associated with this Learning Statement. As such, the Classworks aligned units will appear in the student’s learning path. 

A student with a 221 on this goal area will also receive the aligned units. However, they will receive it because NWEA says that this is a skill to which the student is ready to be Introduced, not because it is for Reinforcement or Development. 

Classworks and NWEA custom learning experience for every student per Goal Area is designed to close gaps and ensure relevant learning for all. 

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