Every now and then you may find that a student has assessment data, but when you go to create individualized learning you are unable to create an ILP for the student. This is generally caused by a student scoring outside of the range of the ILP's created by Classworks. When you go to create an ILP for a student that has test data, it may look like this:

Instead of a checkbox there is a circle that has a strikethrough. This indicates that the student scored out of range and will not receive an assignment for one or more domains.

This may also be the case for ILPs that are auto-created by Classworks. If a student has a green test data button, it  means that there is test data available that has not yet been used to generate an ILP. If the student scored out of range, the button will remain green and an ILP is unable to be generated for the student.

Because our ILPs are tightly aligned to the assessments that we offer and integrate with, there are some outlier scenarios where the skills being assessed may not match the instruction available. Please see the information below regarding assessment to ILP ranges for the assessment(s) that you use.

Keep in mind that scoring in the set range does not guarantee ILPs in all strands. 

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