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Create A New Class

In order for an entire class or individual students to use Classworks, they must be entered into the Classworks system. To do this you must enter information about the class and add students. To complete this class setup you will need: 
    • Class information (see guidelines in 'Name A Class' instructions below) 
    • Roster listing all students for the new class

Create New Class (Site Administrator)
To create a new class, follow these steps:

 Click on the dropdown menu and select the Administration page. 

 Click on the Classes Sub Tab

 Click on the appropriate school name in the Schools box located on the left-hand side of the screen.

 Click on the Create Class button at the bottom of the screen. The New Class screen will display. 

 Proceed to the section titled, “Name a Class”.


Create New Class (Teacher)
To create a new class, follow these steps:

1Click on the Classes Tab. 

2 Click the Create New Class button. 

3 The New Class screen will display.

Name A Class
To name a class, use the following guidelines:

Elementary School(Grade level) (Teacher last name, first initial) (Subject or HR [Homeroom])3 CooperS HR
5 BlalockL Math
Middle School(Grade level) (Teacher last name, first initial) (Subject) (Period) 6 SmithG Math per 2
High School(Teacher last name, first initial) (Subject) (Period)ClarkS English per 5
Multi-Grade(Grade levels) (Teacher last name, first initial) (Subject) (Period)6-8 FergusonR Language Arts per 6

Note: If the classes work on a block schedule, semester schedule, quarter schedule, etc. then add a designation for this to the class name. For a 1st semester class, an example would be: JacksonP Algebra 1 per 2 S1 

Add School, Teacher, & Icon
To add the specific school, teacher and a unique icon to represent this new class, follow these steps: 

1Open the Teacher Name drop-down box and select the appropriate teacher. 

2Verify that the correct school is listed in the School drop down box. 

3In the upper right corner of the screen are a series of school-themed icons. Using the arrows at either side of the box, scroll through the available icons and click on the one you want to use to represent the class. 

Set Permissions (Optional)
To give additional teachers access to view and edit this class, follow the steps below. 

1Click on the Set Permissions button. 

2The Set Permissions screen will display with a list of teachers. Check the boxes of those teachers to whom you want to give viewing and editing permission.

3When you are finished selecting teachers, click the Add button. 

4Then click the Save button. You will be returned to the New Class screen.

Add Students
You can select the students for your class by selecting a specific grade, teacher, class or demographic (such as limited English). To add students to a new class, follow these steps: 

Click on the down arrow to select student grade. Place a check in the box beside the appropriate grade.

(Optional) Teacher, Classes and Demographics may be used to quickly find students within a certain subset (e.g., limited English) or to duplicate an existing class. 

Once you have selected the desired fields, click Search.  

3A list of students who fit your criteria will display in the Search Results box on the left.

4Put a check before the name of each student you want to include in this class.
Note: If you want to select all the students put a check before the top box next to Student Found.  

5To put these students in the new class, click the Add button. Notice that their names now appear in the Students in New Class box on the right. 

6If you’ve made an error and need to remove a student, put a check before his/her name in the Students in New Class box. Then click the Remove button below the box. 

7Once you are satisfied with the list of students in the New Class box, click the Save button.