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Summative Benchmark

The Summative Benchmark assessment is used to track grade-level mastery and growth throughout the year and to assess outcomes at the end of the year. It is typically administered at the beginning of the year as a pre-test, during the year as an interim test and at the end of the year as a post-test. 

The Benchmark Assessment addresses grades K-8 (Language Arts and Math) as well as Geometry I, Algebra I and English I. 

The test contains 20-35 items and does bookmark in case it is not completed in one sitting. Questions are not randomized to allow the teacher to read the assessment aloud as needed. If used as a formal assessment, proper test administration measures must be taken.
Individualized Learning
The Summative Benchmark is not assigned by teachers; rather, it is enabled by a district administrator for students to access. After the assessment is enabled for students, they have a maximum of 5 attempts per testing window to complete the assessment. Once the assessment has been completed, Individualized Learning Paths (ILPs) can be generated using the assessment results. 

K-2 Audio Support
For Gr. K-2 Screeners: Classworks provides audio support. Passages, questions, and answer choices are automatically read aloud*. 

Students can hear the entire audio set repeated by clicking the Listen button. 

Students can also hover their mouse over a passage, question, or answer choice. If the sound icon appears, students can click the mouse to hear that portion again. 

*Portions of the items that have audio support varies based on what the item is intended to assess.

Enabling the Summative Benchmark (District Administrators Only)
1Click on the dropdown menu and select the Administration page. 

2Click to select the Utilities sub-tab.

3In the Integrations Directory, out beside Classworks Assessments, click Manage.

4Check the box to enable Classworks assessments.

5Select your testing window dates.

Note: The dates cannot overlap.

6If you wish for the entire district to have access to the Summative Benchmark, select the assessment and choose which subjects will be available in each testing window.

If different schools within the district will be taking different Classworks assessments (Universal Screener, in this case), you can click Customize by School to select which schools will take which assessment.

7When you have made your decisions, click Save.