The Skills Snapshot Assessment uses questions from the quick quizzes within each unit as a pretest. If the student correctly answers 3 questions in a row, Classworks scores the item as mastered. The student then moves on in the test and the associated instruction does not become part of his or her Individualized Learning Path (ILP). If the student has not mastered a skill (determined by missing 3 questions), the appropriate instructional unit(s) will automatically be assigned. 

The quick quiz is automatically given in its entirety at the end of the instructional unit, which can be used as a post-test score. 

Note: These instructions are for creating a Skills Snapshot Assessment. If you've already created one, click here for information on how to assign it. 

Creating a Skills Snapshot Assessment

1) Navigate to the Assessment tab.

2) Click the Create New Assessment button. 

3) Choose Skills Snapshot from the Test Type drop-down box.

4) Choose your subject from the drop-down box.

5) Select the grade(s) by adjusting the sliders at each end.

Note: You also have the option to enter any keywords to search for.

6) Click Next.

7) To locate and select the specific skill(s) you want to assess, you will use the Refine Search box.

8) Refine your search by clicking the + symbol next to either strand or standard.

9) Place a check next to the appropriate skill(s).

Note: If there is a + symbol, you can expand to a more granular level.

Note: The number of units found is listed at the top of the Search box. Check how many results per page are showing to make sure you are viewing all of the available units.

10) To select all of the units, place a check in the box next to the word “Grade.” Uncheck any units that you do not want to be included in the Skills Snapshot or simply place a check next to the units that you do want in the assessment.

11) Click Create Skills Snapshot.

12) Name the assessment; this is what the student will see.

13) Optional: Select an icon; use the arrows to scroll for more choices.

14) Enter an Intervention Duration (optional). This option determines the Aim Line and a Target Time on Task line on the Mastery Measurement report.

15) Optional: Enter a description.

16) Click Save in the bottom right-hand corner.

17) Now that you have created your Skills Snapshot Assessment, you can assign it to individual students or a class. For more information on Assigning Assessments, you can find that article in the Help Center.

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