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Assign Progress Monitoring

This page provides directions on how to assign a previously created set of progress monitoring CBMs in the Classworks system. 

Assign Progress Monitoring to multiple Classes (CBMs)
To assign to multiple classes at once:
1Navigate to the Classes tab.

Note: Select a school, if necessary.

2Select the classes you wish to assign to by placing a check next to the class names.

3Click Assign

4Choose CBMs.

5Jump to Step 5 down below.

Assign Progress Monitoring to a Class (CBMs)
To assign to a class:
1Navigate to the Classes tab.

Note: Select a school, if necessary.

2Click on the name of a class to select it.

3Click on the Progress sub-tab in the top right corner of your window.

4Click the Assign CBMs button.

5Select the appropriate set or sets of CBMs. 

Click on the correct sub tab located in the top right hand corner to help you navigate to the appropriate set of CBMs. 

Note: The level of CBMs assigned should match the student's performance level, not his/her current grade level.

6Enter the date you want to Start the progress monitoring process. This is the date in which the student will receive the first scheduled CBM.

Once you enter a start date, the end date is automatically calculated based on the duration entered when the CBM set was created.

Note: If you selected more than one CBM set and they have different durations, the end date field will remain blank

7Click Next.

Choose Who To Assign To
1All Students: Automatically assigns the selected instruction to all of the students in the class or classes you chose.

Selected Students: Gives you a list of all of the students in the class or classes you chose and lets you manually select which students will receive the assignment by placing a check next to their name.

2Click Assign.