View, Add, & Remove Students from Groups

These procedures are used when you need to: 
  • View group members 
  • Add one or multiple users to a group 
  • Move students to another school group 
Note: The procedures above can only be performed by District or Site Managers.

View Group Members
1Click on the dropdown menu and select the Administration page.

Click on the Groups sub-tab.

2Click the + next to the group type (school name, custom, district, etc.) to expand.

3To view the users in the group, click the + next to the group name.

Add Users to a Group from the Group sub-tab
Click on the dropdown menu and select the Administration page.

Click on the Groups sub-tab.

2Expand the school where you wish to move the student(s) by clicking on the +.
3Place a check beside the new user group where you want the student(s) to be moved.

4Click the Add User(s) to Selected Groups button.

5The left hand side of the screen contains a list of users that currently belong to the selected group.

On the right hand side of the screen, search for the user(s) you wish to add to the group:
  1. Place a check beside the group the user currently belongs to. (Note: If the user does not currently belong to a group, select “District Wide Groups”) 
  2. (Optional) If you know the name of the specific user, type the last name into the Narrow Search by Last Name box. 
  3. (Optional) Filter by grade level by using the sliders on the Grade Range. 
  4. (Optional) Filter further by demographics by using the Demographics drop down menu. Place a check beside the appropriate demographic the user belongs to. 

6Click Search.

7Check the box next to student(s) name(s) that you wish to move to the new school group.

(Optional: Further refine the search by typing the student's last name into the search box at the top of the screen, and then click the Refine Search button).

8Click the Add Users to Group button.

The student(s) name will now appear in the list on the left hand side of the screen.

Note: If you need to remove the student from the group, hover your mouse over the student's name on the left hand side. Click the blue remove icon (-). 

9Click Save.