Testing Window Dates

Entering district grading periods allows users to select your district specific date ranges when generating reports. 

Entering district testing windows for Fall, Winter, and Spring provides consistency among the district for the administration of the Classworks assessments (Universal Screener and/or Summative Benchmark).

Note: Selecting the testing window dates is only necessary if your school/district is administering the Universal Screener and/or Summative Benchmark.

Selecting Testing Window Dates
Note: Only users with District Administrative rights can view and edit the testing window dates. Select the Administration Tab > Utilities Sub Tab > Integrations Directory > Then, out beside Classworks Assessments, click Manage.

After selecting to enable the Classworks assessments, you will be able to edit the testing window for the Fall, Winter, and Spring assessments.

Enter the Start and End dates for each testing window: Fall, Winter, and Spring. The dates cannot overlap, cannot be left blank, and there must be no gap between testing windows. 

The testing calendar dates can be edited after the initial setup and changed at any time. However, once a Summative Benchmark or Universal Screener is completed in a window, it is tied to that window (Even if the dates have been changed and the date of the completed assessment no longer fits in the new window).
Classworks recommends broad testing windows that encompass the entire school year. For example: 
July 1 – Oct 31 
Nov 1 – Feb 28 
Mar 1 – June 30 

You can use the scrollable calendar OR you can enter the dates into the boxes.

Changes are saved automatically.