Custom Groups

Custom groups can be created to easily tag groups of students for tracking purposes. These groups may be from different classes or grade levels, gifted students, students in after school programs, RtI tier students or students being tracked for a student achievement study. Custom groups allows you to easily generate reports for a targeted group of students. 

Note: Only district level managers can create a custom group. School site managers can add and remove users to/from a custom group - but only users that are in their school group. 

Create a Custom Group
1Click on the dropdown menu and select the Administration page.

Click on the Groups sub-tab.

2Click on the Create Custom Group button.

3Enter the name of the custom group in the Group Name box.
Follow steps 4-10 below to add students to the custom group. 

4Click the Add/Remove button.

5Search for users to add to the custom group.

On the right hand side of the screen, enter your search criteria.

Search criteria includes:
  • Search within the user's current school group 
  • Search by user last name 
  • Search by grade level 
  • Search by demographic
6Click Search.

7Select the users for the custom group on the right side by placing a check beside the student(s) name(s).

8Click the Add Users to Group button.

9(Optional) Reset the search as needed by clicking the Reset Search button. Then repeat steps 5-8 above.

10Click the Save button.

Note: To remove a user from the custom group - Hover your mouse over the user’s name; click on Remove.

Edit Custom Group Details
From the Administration page > Groups sub-tab:
  • Expand the Custom Group section by clicking on the + symbol. 
  • Click on the name of the custom group you wish to edit. 
You can:
  • Change group name. 
  • Add additional users to group by clicking the Add/Remove button. 
  • Remove users from group by clicking the Add/Remove button.

2Click the Save button if changes were made.